Decorative plastering


Decorative plastering

Decorative plaster - eternal effect

Decorative plaster is eternal, and also the advanced decorative covering of walls. Plaster put on any surface in a moment changes a premise, the similar decorative covering visualizes or underlines design idea a necessary background, shading other stylish accessories.

What is the decorative plaster how it is possible to change a surrounding interior with its help? Qualitative decorative plaster represents the non-uniform weight which structure can be various. By means of decorative plaster it is easy to form a covering of walls, it is possible even to lay out from it different figures. Besides, by means of plaster it is possible to level, warm walls of houses or apartments. Decorative plaster includes set of versions which allow to create the surfaces which are very different enough on appearance and the invoice. Appearance of a decorative surface of made out walls is influenced, first of all, by the size, and also the form of grain of the plaster, however much depends on the tool which the master uses. The skillful master using various processing methods, by means of special tools can create improbable very original pictures from all components of decorative plaster. The given plaster should possess a number of necessary properties: stability to climate influences that includes the atmospheric phenomena, paropronitsaemostju, stability to pollution, ignition, and also water-repellent properties. Certain kinds of this unusual plaster are used for furnish, warming of facades and external walls of buildings. As it was already told, plaster can be used not only for internal, but even for external works. For them the special version of decorative plaster – structural plaster is used.

Beginning from ancient frescos which by right it is possible to consider as primogenitors similar stenovogo coverings, relief impressive plaster is today a set of various decorative invoices which impress with the expressiveness. The subsequent kolerovka plasters rich shades allows to present to your attention an elite covering known to us as decorative plaster.

Really, unlike the Venetian plaster, decorative plaster is put on any surface, hiding defects, transforms a wall into a work of art.

Plaster will make your interior prestigious, that is modern. Variations of drawing of plaster set – from structural coverings, to an embodiment on walls of your premise of effect of "palm leaves» or «bamboo stalks», «wet silk» or «a moire fabric» which will gleam nacre in patches of light of sun rays or built in light.