Renovation and trimming


Renovation and trimming

The company "ARDIVI", more than 15 years provides the full complex of services with individual projecting, interior-designing, building and elite maintenance.

We are providing complex approach for realization of high-quality maintenance of cottages, apartments, penthouses. Complex approach in elite maintenance implied the individual design-project from the best architectures, high-quality materials and complements, which we by ourselves purchase in checked suppliers with discounts, work of high-class masters, who worked and accumulated their experience with years. After our work, we won't leave any signs of repair; our complex of services includes complete clearing up. We also can recommend and select furniture. From what the maintenance begin? Certainly, from design- project. There is a place of mistakenly opinion, that doesn't need a designer. The customer supposes that he is in independent condition to think about interior-design and aspects of trimming in his apartment. If you decide for yourself, that finally you want to receive - it is very good, because a lot of people get list and cannot imagine their future house. But in design-project there is not only outline sketch, but also aspects of trimming. Not less important is a technical sketch (to place walls and partitions, the sizes of apertures, floor and ceiling's marks, water-supply and sewerage system, illumination and etc.), all possible attachments. How the practice shows, the customers are not able to do all requests of builders (absence of experience, time, and knowledge of market). As a result of economy on designers comes to continual alteration and payment for additional estimate, and also to the increasing of maintenance period and irritability. The good designer not only get ready to the design -project, he/she will think over and pick up things for interior design even before the beginning of works, will make design supervision and in the process of renovation opportunely clarifies precise definition.

Trimming works "absolutely ready" (sanitary engineering, electricity, ventilation, air-conditioner, "smart" home, art parquet and etc.)

Art inventory. Decorative plastering (stucco).

Gypsum modeling. Façade trimming ferroconcrete.

Trimming of facades by stones and decorative plastering.

Garden and inside the room's decorative sculpture, fountains.

Sculptor's work. Fire-place manufacture.


We can bring all your fantasies in reality!

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