ARDIVI offers you production combining high quality of natural wood of exotic and valuable breeds.

The art parquet of our manufacture can be formed of modules, that is after assemblage and packing to represent a picture from repeating elements, and or to make unique compositions (the sockets combined from wood of various colors and breeds, with borders). This production gives fine possibility not only to receive a floor warm and representing a work of art, but also with jeweler accuracy to enter this composition in the general style of a premise.

Compositions from an art parquet is a good possibility to underline your financial position and the status. The parquet floor in itself is a sign of good taste of the owner of the house, and its art version is beautiful so that will eclipse riches of paints any carpet.

If you want to receive more universal and modest floor covering, the high-quality piece parquet is offered to your attention. However, despite lower cost and simplicity of processing, piece parquet boards at will of the client can be subjected any type of processing – to aging, heat treatment, drawing of tone or patina imitation, brashirovaniju etc.

Piece laths are necessarily sorted according to STATE THAT, can be carried out in the different sizes depending on the individual order. On them performance of decorative inserts for revival of drawing and giving to it the special rhythm underlining the general style of an interior of the house also is possible.

Depending on a design plan, illumination, the preliminary plan of an arrangement of furniture in a room, the floor can be decorated as repeating drawing from symmetric elements (a panel board parquet), and a highly artistic composition with use of the vegetative or geometrical ornaments, developed individually to taste of the customer. If you aren't assured of a choice of suitable drawing, our professional designers will offer you on a choice some the compositions created specially for you. Our elite parquet will please you with the quality and refinement many long years.