Art deco

Art deco

The Style art-deko has arisen in Paris between the first and second world wars. For this style characterized the ease and elegance. It is completely bohemian style, it can be executed an interior of the artist or the house of the writer-modernist.

This style uses in public places for interior-design of expensive boutique or restaurant. In the 20th art-deko became the standard of refined interiors of ocean liners, and also expensive hotels. The combination of straight lines and graceful elements of a decor, love to bronze and translucent draperies does art-deko by a style of the present esthetes.
For this style characteristic of surprising game of colors - color of an ivory, various brown tones and, of course, all shades of gold is peculiar.

From materials can be used various fabrics, glass, ceramics, and especially bronze. The Style art-deko uses different decorative elements in an interior, the bright and at the same time exclusively picked up combinations of colors.

Art-deko usually uses light wood and leather for the furniture. It differs from other styles of furniture by application of decorative elements in the form of zigzags, circles, triangles, and the suns. As well as in the last century, nowadays style art-deko is accessible not to everyone. It is preferred by the men of means having settled vital preferences and tastes.