Fresh, lovely, any pretentiousness - the Scandinavian style will please both modern, and to traditional taste. Its air paints give remarkable possibility to add light and open space to your house. Style is especially good for northern countries where houses do not have any daylight.

Having arisen in Norway, Finland and especially in Sweden, this clear, fresh decor was developed, as a way to bring bright light in northern houses which so does not get it within long winter. Therefore it is no wonder that white - primary color for each room. Today the Scandinavian style and assortment of shops Ikea, as a matter of fact, same: haute couture which creates a resolute modern interior at the expense of laconic furniture of a light tree. Nevertheless admirers of traditions too will find for themselves something interesting in the Scandinavian decor which the inspiration in rasfranchennom XVIII century of king Gustav partly derives, for example, furniture with the bent legs and is masterful the solved profiles. But a basis and that, and other approach are white walls, light upholstery of furniture and pale so strict floors; it is perfect for interiors in which you want to create real sensation of freedom and open space. Take the basic components of style, use them to own taste and achieve the most vanguard freshness and laconicism or, on the contrary, lovely elegant elegance.

Key features

• White (or light tone) walls.
• Furniture from a pale tree, for example, birches, colored a white or pale paint.
• The Tree, a laminate or a white glossy sexual board.
• The Simplified registration of windows and streaming muslin curtains is maximum let pass the light.
• The Limited color palette - white, its shades plus the same limited quantity of shades of a red cherry as accent.
• Bright illumination and is a lot of light sources.
• The Open lay-out of premises.

Whether on me this style?

The Scandinavian style is ideal for you, if you:
• Find style of the country attractive, but it would be desirable something more refined and unusual, and still - open space
• Aspire to fill with bright light your house
• Prefer a light tree - a beech, a birch, and do not love more dark or absolutely dark tree
• Live in the house, windows on the north
• Want to have elegant, but the comfortable house for a family

In no event, if though one statement is true:
• The good carpet is a unique kind of a floor to which I will allow to live with me in one house
• Traces of dirty paws of animals is a problem
• Multi-colored rooms are necessary to me, differently it is boring
• I love, when in different rooms different mood
• I consider that the timber floor is too unfriendly, knocks and scrunches


The Scandinavian color palette is initially inclined to pale, cool tones. Designers know that such shades are capable to "move apart" optically walls and by that to help a room to seem more. Also it is well-known that they reflect a natural daylight better, than warm, cosy shades which opposite, aspire to absorb light. To avoid "coldness" of the house, it is enough to mix paints: white, colors of an ivory and colour of cream which possess yellow semitones and to add texture and warmth of a tree at the expense of a floor and furniture. And cosy fixtures become your yellow "suns".

Let's force it to work

The limited colour palette to a certain extent facilitates creation of the Scandinavian house. As primary colour the pure white chalk, and then gradually - whitewash with pigment additives, grey, silvery, colour of blue duck egg and, as individual accents - red cherry, dark blue cobalt or for more traditional interiors - grass-green colour is used. Traditional decisions in style of an epoch of king Gustav are mainly inclined to white with dark blue accents, and here a highlight of the Scandinavian country are walls and even the floors which have been heavy enough stenciled for the sake of atmosphere of an unartful rural coziness. At last, the modern Scandinavian design combines white walls with courageous accessories and a warm tree, however, does not suffer any elaborate coloring. Wooden elements - doors, window frames and other - can be purely white, natural "wooden" colour if at you a floor from a natural tree, and even it is underlined more dark tones - if you have decided to decorate walls by a roll on a cliché.


The easiest way to solve an interior in the Scandinavian style is to take for a basis two traditional colors: dark blue with white or red with the white. Use of combinations of shades white - from an ivory to snow-white and ldisto-is bluish-white - will allow to avoid softness, and in the meantime, the second resounding contrast colour will bring freshness and will place accents. Cherry and purple - are ideal; you're the basic dark blue can vary from fresh cobalt to dim heavenly blueness. To enter this second colour the textiles with unostentatious drawing will help, but use it moderately, - for example, only one pillow in a cage or with the stylized vegetative motives.


The choice of the dress for walls depends because, what style to you is more to taste: the traditional or modern Scandinavian. Modern interiors demand monophonic unpretentious walls, and here the retro decor is impossible without characteristic drawing for an epoch and the invoice.

The common decision for stylized a-la Scandinavia of interiors is colored an emulsion monophonic white or with an insignificant additive of a pigment of a wall which create pure fresh and hardly probable not a minimalist background just for decoration and subjects with unusual drawing. At the modern approach is better snow-white walls work and is especially advantageous - together with a white colored tree of windows, doors and other, forming a uniform "seamless" background just for decoration from a natural pine and set of metal accessories remarkable silver and reflecting light. The traditional approach demand softer shade of type of an ivory which can be united with furniture, colored an ivory under a satiny tree, for aroma of refined style of that epoch. Facing of walls by panels to level of a pedestal or on full height creates a classical spirit, and still is a wise decision as without superfluous efforts to level hilly walls. And for a folklore Scandinavian decor you can pick up a stamp with drawing for stuffing. Vertical grasses and rods - one of the most widespread ways, using a cliché, to achieve effect of wall-paper of a manual list.


The laminate or natural tree is, undoubtedly, most widespread variant that is not so surprising if to remember quantity of wood in Scandinavia. Be guided by light tone and ability to reflect light, and you will not be mistaken with a floor choice.

The Scandinavian floors, no less than walls, serve, more likely, only a background just for decoration and fabrics, without playing almost any own role. Your overall objective - to pick up such covering which «without a seam», will harmoniously merge with other part of an interior, and, please, concern a floor, as to your fifth wall. The most popular floors which can be laid in all house - wooden and laminated. The light tree - is ideal, but also a sexual board,

Colored in white, - too. However they are always softened by a lovely rug, and even two, - that did not look sadly and muffled sounds of steps. The unique room for which the timber floor at all does not approach is a bathroom where humidity will quickly put it out of commission. Therefore the Scandinavian bathrooms are almost always laid out by a tile of faded shades and are frequent with heating under a floor to have houses own present «a thermal resort».


Elegance of the Scandinavian style demands softness of conditions. The secret consists in creating colour accents, using drawing on a fabric in traditional interiors and selecting almost monophonic fabrics for modern interiors.
Scandinavians use drawing as means to add a colour quantity in their almost white and "wooden" environment. As you already know, the range of shades of a colour palette is strictly limited as a result to guarantee sensations of simplicity. The size and a kind of drawing of a fabric depend on your propensity to a modern or traditional interior. The courageous two-colored cage graphic also corresponds to the modern approach, and small not striking section is remarkable for more rustikalnogo, even rural mood. The stylized two-colored vegetative motives or print stuffing is better "work" in retro interiors. From the point of view of the invoice, the first place, undoubtedly, belongs to a clap though sateen, damast and flax of a damask interlacing consult also well. The muslin and muslin are ideal for curtains which will pass light maximum is one of the basic receptions of furniture of windows. Avoid a velvet and fabrics with intensive shine: On sensation they are too elaborate and grandiose for the Scandinavian freshness and light.


The furniture from a pale birch or colored in white colour is a basis of the usual Scandinavian kitchen, which motto - is lighter and is more spacious. But also the colour furniture will allow reaching the same effect the main thing, not to recede from a coloristic palette.

The first principle are pure, empty planes and the simplified curtains, say, the Roman curtains to help kitchen to feel as much as possible air and free. The built in halogen fixtures - a principle of the second. As far as possible reduce the sizes of a dining table is one more common feature of the Scandinavian kitchens. Pick up a table with a table-top from a natural pine and white legs, and chairs - with reed seats or checkered capes. Chairs with elegant carved backs in style of an epoch of King Gustav will be ideal for a kitchen-dining room where more solemn conditions are required to you. On the Scandinavian kitchens you never will meet drawing abundances, therefore, decorating the, you should manage fabrics in lines, a section, and a two-colored vegetative pattern - quite good idea. As a result it should turn out harmonious, quiet and, even moreover, a sincere interior, but not something licked and minimalist.

Composed kitchens
• White furniture - pick up facades with a minimum of details, for example, absolutely smooth or type carpenter's doors, with round handles of the same colour or silvery
• The built in ceiling spotlights
• Fabrics in a cage or a strip the Roman curtains, table linen, covers and covers just for decoration
• Floors from a natural tree or a laminate of a pale shade; such surface of a floor to wash easily and it perfectly reflects light
• Plates built in under the general table-top, it is better white, creamy or even than pale blue colour
• Regiments for «open access»


The freshness means here more than coziness, so furniture of mainly light tree or colored white mirror plus on walls. Eaves for curtains and the basis of fixtures select is better from silvery metal, rather than yellow-gold; shod accessories too are comprehensible, but is very-very moderate.

Fixtures - the integral element of the Scandinavian house so you always will find the diversified already in one only to this room. Desk lamps stand in each end of a sofa, and floor lamps show the door darkness from corners or arrange «light lawns» for reading. As the basic light source on a ceiling almost three- or five horns with nice bulbs-candles - naked or the chandelier for certain serves in plafonds of pale tones. Under pair to a chandelier - corresponding sconces on walls, and, at last, any Scandinavian drawing room at all will not do without candles on console little tables, near the centre and in lamps at a window.

Composed by a drawing room
• White or with an almost inaudible creamy shade the sofa, is better with open legs of a pale tree
• Laminate under a birch or a beech or a natural sexual board
• Wood oven independent or laid out by tiles in a room corner
• Coffee table from a pale tree
• White colored furniture - a bookcase, buffet or a dresser
• Serving trolley, probably, colors of blue duck egg
• The big mirror in an intricate silver or white colored frame


If you love quiet interiors, the Scandinavian bedroom - for you specially. If to you on customs charm of romanticism, means, the elegant wooden colored furniture will seem to you ideal, and admirers of the present will be delighted with vanguard lines of metal beds.

As less as possible heaps - here a key to this serene and pacifying design of a bedroom. White walls, it is possible to tell, is put on etiquette, and the main heroine - a bed, with snow-white bed-sheets and is better with square, on European than manners, pillows. A floor ordinary from a tree though it is possible to soften it with the big woven cotton carpet, well and only additional ornaments - two-three pieces of furniture for open storage of things and, probably, a chair.

Composed bedrooms
• Colored clothes on legs
• Low beds with a wooden or linen headboard for modern interiors or wooden beds from a pine, or colored white, or with bed curtains on columns - for more traditional
• Bedside tables on high legs with sliding cabinet and, probably, a locker
• Lamps and floor lamps near a bed and over it - spotlights of a directional light for reading
• The timber floors "softened" with a rug from a clap
• Streaming curtains from a muslin or muslin in a monophonic or two-colored cage in a combination to an elevating wooden jalousie or colored shutters
• Elegant mirror in a white colored or gilt frame
• Crystal chandelier with suspension brackets or a sconce


Scandinavians, inventors of a sauna, love super hygienic bathrooms with automatic machines for daily washing and steam disinfection. They prefer modern interiors where the leading part is taken away to a natural tree and a practical tile.

Many Scandinavians would be quite happy, to offer a bathroom for the sake of a spacious powerful shower cabin as consider as more hygienic to wash in flowing water, than sitting in a wash-tub. And, really, for Scandinavians, and for Swedes - especially to equip in own house a personal sauna - quite a commonplace. The pure, not encumbered premise with set of the thought over places for storage of things - that's all that is necessary as a result. Interaction of the built in and independent furniture helps to keep order, and mirrors and halogen spotlights provide a lot of light. For more modern image pick up to the sanitary technician of laconic design, say, the complete set fastening to a wall, and the built in furniture. Tiled floors and walls - it is better entirely white - will be most authentic to style.

Composed by a bathroom
• Independent pieces of furniture, including little table with the built in bowl (it is frequent on legs)
• Facing shpunting a moisture resistant board or panels horizontal, as in a sauna
• Minimum one big mirror
• The ceiling built in halogen spotlights
• White tile on a floor and on walls