Modern furniture and the innovative reference with such well-known materials, as a brick, a steel and glass, - basic interior principles in style loft. Style, certainly, is ideal for transformation of a warehouse into spacious apartments with an open lay-out, but, at the reasonable approach loft can quite get accustomed and in a compact country small house.

Loft - apartment - rather modern design decision which was born on a course of city programs of revival - in the course of transformation of old brick warehouses, factories and schools in numerous dwellings without internal partitions, but with air abundance. And as it usually happens to any social phenomenon, owners of any habitation, subconsciously wishing to correspond to a modern design fashion, arrange at itself «a concrete attic». By the way, as a word «loft» which means "attic" literally, in the USA is called also the top floor of a trading premise and a warehouse. The starting point for the future interior style loft is the neighborhood of the modern invoice, say, glasses and steels, and the available available or rescued material available available - restored by boards of a floor and a naked brick wall. Certainly, not truly open lay-out is accessible to everyone, but to let in the main elements lofts practically any house - improbably easily. White colored walls or naked bricks will set everything that is necessary, for the union of ultrafashionable furniture and rescued curiosity any by miracle, say, baths on paws or a radiator of times of Queen Victoria. And, first of all, remember that the rate on the maximum sensation of open space and the neighborhood - comparison old and new - here two keys to success of loft-style.

Key features

Walls colored a white matte emulsion, a naked bricklaying or - for bigger spirit of a modern city - smooth concrete. The restored boards of a floor, scrape and covered with a light transparent varnish (or in an original kind), softened eccentrically - a courageous color rug or shaggy flokati. Internal partitions from glass blocks, especially, for branch of territory of kitchen or a bathroom. Sometimes glass blocks replace windows. Modern household appliances, from faultless steel plates to stunning TVs with plasma screens. The neighborhood of an ultramodern light tree with ethnic or ancient subjects creates "person" of an interior, differently it looks callous.

Abundance and open space of "seats" - armchairs, in size with a sofa, and sofas at all giant proportions. Arresting attention effects are necessary to real "attic" not to look empty and sad. «Open access» - from bilateral racks which can be used, as partitions, to independent shelves, as if floating on walls.

Furniture on castors for simplicity of changes.

Whether on me this style?

• Loft-style is ideal for you, if you:
• Love furniture accurate, and household appliances - laconic forms
• Don't love a disorder
• Adore houses open space, light and air
• Prefer habitation of a free lay-out from one two premises and things - that less
• Live in modern apartment or the house

In no event, if though one statement is true:

• My own room is necessary to me sometimes to have a rest from the house
• The cosines in the house is necessary for me
• My kitchen - heart of my house
• The idea of minimalism is unpleasant to me
• At my own and very much even beautiful style


Loft - exclusively individual style. Some owners of "attics" choose courageous coloristic "blocks" bright, as though not quite primary shades, others prefer to use a drawing and "gloomy" paints - for accent of deliberately urbanity sensation - complete with bricks and boards of the building. Choosing your color palette, solve, that you want from your house: an expression or an industrial design, or - "zamesa" that and another from a premise to a premise.

Open colors focus to their attention in the big and open spaces, but it is better to spend them "economically"; no more than 25 % of a surface of walls in one premise. One scarlet or indigo color a wall will bring directly theatrical effect in entirely white or "brick" interior and, besides, will manage to allocate a certain zone. Thus you can paint a distant blank wall of a hall / with a dining room, and it will perfectly designate «a food intake zone» - all according to style. And still add some accessories of the same shade, say, and a vase which will give easy sensation of integrity. Constantly remember that the frank coordination of an interior at all doesn't correspond to ideas loft - style apropos «mixtures and harmonies». If the open, bright colors to you not to taste the smoky muffled shades will be pleasant for certain - a dim eggplant and gray-green deep water, - they softer for eyes and besides more refined for urbanity style. Other advantage of smoky shades: in one interior you can use bigger a variety of tones and will create more harmonious and estate the general atmosphere.


Ceilings should be dazzling, snowy - white for limiting sensation of light and open space in each premise.


Plinths and window frames should be from a natural tree or painted such colors to merge with your general interior, but not to live in it. If you have solved in favor of timber floors, to scrape your plinths and cover with their transparent satiny varnish for durability or paint color of walls - they will merge with them. In the same way window frames is better to paint with a matte white paint or to leave in a natural "wooden" kind.


If you want to be added true loft - stylishness in registration of "attic" which has got to you, naked bricks or concrete walls is that is necessary. If you live in new apartment or the house, conduct research, whether it is possible though one wall main to return to photogenic to bricks or it is necessary to simulate a laying differently somehow.

Other variant - a usual white emulsion, which will approach practically for each wall and will strengthen sensation of open space and light. Add your own character - courageous paints for the main walls, partitions from glass blocks, panels from a stainless steel (instead of a tile over a kitchen bowl) and a mosaic tile for a change. Your purpose - in small proportions of a combination the rough invoice of old "factory" materials with smooth, brilliant modern to reach individual effect.

The walls painted with a white emulsion, accents a theme of open space and light of this design style and execute function of a remarkable pure background for low "free" furniture.

In loft - design glass blocks have special value and are often used for the partitions allocating in an open lay-out concrete zones. Here from them nice "fencing" of a shower is erected.

Mosaic tile - an absolute component of style, both on kitchen, and in a bathroom - from a floor to a ceiling. Choose only one shade and you will feel yourselves as in city swimming pool.

Steel tiles or facing - a remarkable way to give to walls of yours loft - kitchens smart find fault - tekovsky with a kind unless they should be scrubbed regularly to shine...


The rescued and restored timber floor in the style house loft fascinates spirit of an old warehouse, after all boards were that material which most often used in such buildings. Besides a tree - the most practical and durable material. If you want to "lodge" loft - style in the modern house a sexual board from a file or the Laminate will create effect not worse, but for more reasonable price. Simply don't forget to put an obligatory rug, and even two - on pleasure to eyes, and generally - to separate different residential zones. A bathroom this unique place where the floor cardinally contradicts arguments lofta from a practicality and hygiene reason. Here a mosaic or large tile from natural materials perfectly also it is water-proof will replace a tree moreover will soften urbanity sensations.


The invoice and color, more likely, rather than drawing, define your choice of fabrics for your loft-house, after all it is necessary for you get friendly with rough and severe with shining and shouting.

Except a skin, the remarkable invoice is offered by suede - will tell, pillows or a cube - a padded stool and even a coverlet for a bed. Felt and felt are good and pleasant as carpets, and flis - for roller curtains and a jalousie. Registration of windows is inclined to rigidity and clearness so select a jalousie from wooden laths, for example from Perspex, or the steel elevating. Rigid roller curtains from a white clap - too a good variant, however we advise to take the model untwisted upwards, instead of downwards, - for more modern sensation. And, at last, though drawing, in general, is shown to a minimum, in the house of an open lay-out you should take care about so-called «stains of visual focus» which will interest an eye, and the interior won't cry out about emptiness and boredom. Always prefer fabrics with large expressive drawing, instead of small glorious padding, which at all doesn't work in such frankly - a contrast decor. The cage is quite pertinent, and coloring under a skin of a zebra, a leopard, an ox are especially popular, - they will be rather effective to find the carpets and pillows.

Indulge the secret parties of the soul - put in a room causing effective a leopard armchair. By the way, the one and only such subject are capable to change your interior completely.

The alpaca, cashmere and "a pimply" impressive upholstery - remarkable magnificent textiles which excellently approaches any interior in the spirit of lofta. Pay attention to development, for the best effect making a choice in favor of such rich deep shades, as chocolate or the cleanest cream, - if, of course, wool of animals and small sweet fingers - not a problem in your house.

The combination of invoices of suede, soft jersey and white flax creates «attractive object» for eyes in loft - a bedroom. Don't refuse a fabric under suede, after all it can be washed in the car that rather facilitates life, and to tear not so it is a pity. New "fakes" it is improbably realistic, and, even to the touch.


Despite big city realities - with a having a snack on the move and, as a rule, out of door, - loft - kitchens captivate magic of smart professional kitchens of television culinary shows. Devices shining with a steel and ware - one solid command with tiled or a timber floor also it is matte - silvery doors from a pale-yellow beech and - la sheker style.

Independent placing of kitchen furniture in one of "attic" corners keeps high to an open lay-out loft - style. In spite of the fact that all boxes and lockers have squeezed on one wall of kitchen, a mobile desktop - "island" on castors easily moves there - here. Big-bellied "retro" - refrigerators - it is pale - blue, cobalt, scarlet and even beige-pink - also are extremely popular. However the kind of a tile of the standard size is absolutely inappropriate in kitchen - loft, so think of laying out "apron" between a table-top and hinged lockers from a one-color mosaic tile. Sheet of a stainless steel or greenish unbreakable glass with the wire grid looking through from within, bringing spirit of industrial ethics - too effective and rather widespread replacement of a tile over a sink. And, at last, don't forget about things «in open access» - for example, such kitchen will accept open regiments which as if by it floats on walls. Bar counter with metal gadgets - that will be pleasant loftu.

Composed kitchens

Steel cooker - independent or built in

One wall under furniture - a unique concession lofta to a traditional cuisine. Find fault - tekovsky with island - a table on the center and there is, as a matter of fact, a visual center of a premise, and still - visually - it separates territory of kitchen from the general vital space. Sparkling steel, a tree, a laminate, plastic and a granite - all has rallied in one command for the sake of a variety of invoices and amazingly modern spirit, and glass shelves of "open access» involve a sight in a column and - la fire business, underlining thus spirit of an open lay-out.


In original loft - apartments the drawing room territory separates from zones of a dining room, kitchen and a bedroom only at the expense of furniture arrangement. But even if your drawing room has walls, you can derive inspiration from modern forms and materials.

You can create loft - an interior from proportional "seats" either with cream, or with frankly courageous upholstery: colors of dark blue cobalt, a terracotta or it is dark - red wine, - and between a couch - the baby and a leather armchair strong feelings definitely will flash. Everything that it is necessary to add you is a minimalist wooden or glass coffee table, it is better on castors. Or - why would be not present? - The present Indian table Thakat if so it would be desirable to declare that you aren't alien to world culture, and big shaggy flokati or an expressive geometrical carpet on a floor. After all in the present open lay-out the carpet plays a role of the powerful optical unit protecting territory of a drawing room. All house «devices for entertainment» is proud are exposed on display with due respect for brands and logos. The other-worldly sizes the flat screen of the TV and musical super - the center mean for the declaration loft - style not less, than all other interior equipment.

Composed by a drawing room

• Coffee table or curbstone on castors
• Leather armchair: or modern (it is better "balzakovskoe" - zhit than style), or shabby "ancient"
• The big carpet, the more safely coloring - the better
• Pillows from suede, felt or a skin
• Suede cubes - padded stools - as small benches for feet or additional "seats"
• Many-placed sofa with a vigorous upholstery
• The stunning TV


The bedroom formula - loft to deduce not simply, but all depends because, whether it is separated from other premise. But it gives to houses of the usual sizes a heap of ideas for experiments in style loft.

In many presents loft - apartments the bedroom is located by "galley" which on level above other part of a premise, in all the rest the bedroom - is remarkable nothing. But only one fencing off wall will give to your "smooth water" more individual tonality. A low bed with a mattress in wooden "frame" which costs in the center sheathed boards pedestals - the most usual decision with influence of minimalism or east style. An ultramodern bed from metal - chrome plated or matte "silver" - other alternative with glamour. The exemplary bedroom has still some subjects specially created for struggle against a disorder: we will tell a hanger - a frame on castors - as in shop! - Which is able to go? The case - a compartment can go from a wall to a wall and from a floor to a ceiling - a light tree or a shining laminate. "Frosty" glasses of cases look is rather found, however, they love owners exclusively accurate.

Composed bedrooms

• Minimalist bed of a light tree or from silvery metal
• Almost imperceptible places storage of things, basically, smooth cases - a compartment from a wall to a wall
• Enormous mirror from a floor - as the wall which reflects a maximum of light and accents sensation of open space
• The sexual board covered with a varnish or original timber floor
• Bed-clothes - white or with a drawing minimum
• Wall fixtures over a bed headboard

Association of modern and traditional ideas - special pleasure at design in loft - style. Here the owner has created the surprising version of a traditional bed with bed curtains: with the invoice of modernist silver it has built an all-metal skeleton from designs of banal building woods with which then has painted. The bed takes the central place, and everything that around - other part of a premise, is perfect «free from postoja», a heap and chaos, - once again underlines sensation of open space and light.


Cleanliness, directly surgical sterility - the main line of a city bathroom in style loft. And here the bath standing in it can be any: made semi-antique «on paws», and with "historical" cranes or up-to-date with ergonomic facing.

From all premises loft - apartments, in a bathroom modern style, as a rule, reaches apogee. The ubiquitous mosaic tile covers floors and walls creating sensation of city swimming pool, and a steel, glass ("morozko" or transparent) and matte ceramics serve as a make-up for other surfaces. Only eccentric soft terry odd fellows - towels will break general impressive smoothness. The spotlights built in a ceiling I spill pure clear light - and expose each fingerprint, each trace the waters left too vigilant owners. The shower cabin - is better with old-fashioned large chrome plated "watering can" directly in a ceiling or is high in a wall - allows to use space as much as possible. However such theatrical - the entertainment design suits only very tidy lonely childless couples or bachelors; tiled surfaces aren't favorable for the big families and far aren't safe for children.

Composed by a bathroom

• The shower cabin, is better or in Fome of a segment of a circle, or specially built of glass blocks
• Independent bath, or on paws with the rounded off back, or - up-to-date
• Unusual bowl, either retro 30, or ultramodern glass or a steel with U - a figurative brilliant knee or with "invisible" communications
• One-color mosaic tile from a floor to a ceiling at least on one wall and it is preferable on a floor
• Wooden lattice - a support before a bathroom
• Accessories from a stainless steel or white faience
• Open glass shelves
• The chrome plated radiator for towels
• The halogen spotlights which have been built in a ceiling.