Interior design in style minimalism represents carefulness of reasonableness of each detail. After all subjects should be as less as possible, but there is enough for comfortable life. In time to stop not to overload an interior with superfluous subjects difficult enough. The most important in the course of interior creation in style the minimalism is well planned space.

It should be necessarily shined by in regular intervals absent-minded quiet light that there was an impression that light goes from walls and a ceiling. It is very important, that windows in the house were big. The minimalist interior is obliged to be light and free. Therefore color plays an important role. Advantage on the party of light tones: beige, sand, gray. As accent sometimes use a bright detail, for example a pillow on a sofa.

Furniture which should be a little, simple under the form though the bent lines are supposed, but any reliefs, for example folds on a sofa are excluded. Doors of all pieces of furniture it is necessary that opened in one party, and it is better, if they at all won't have handles. The TV is fixed on a wall or established on a rack.

Materials of this style differ high quality. The tree, a stone, a natural fabric are used. Glass use basically matte, and metal details become from aluminum or steel. Style minimalism is a way of life. And if you want to make an interior in this style, only to follow a fashion - stop. Imagine that, whether you can feel cozy without a fluffy plaid or nice souvenirs brought from abroad.