Style Hi-tech (Hi Tech)
Hi-tech (from high technology - high technologies) which also named rationalism, has appeared in the early thirties. Hi-tech brings sensation of light and space in an interior, focuses attention not on color scale or drawing, and on the form and the invoice of architectural details and a home decoration.
The answer to a question that such hi-tech, is concluded already in the name. The current, in translation from English meaning «high technologies», has arisen in Great Britain in the seventies the last century. Having endured the whole storm of responses - from delights to sharp aversion - the style shown mainly in architecture of a megacity, continues to remain to this day claimed. Including in an inhabited interior. English expression high-tech («high technologies») very much neatly reflects an essence of the given direction in design. But, for the sake of justice, it is necessary to tell that the idea «the house - the car for habitation» has appeared much earlier. For example, in works of the Soviet constructivists of 20th years and in early creations of legendary architect-innovator Le Corbusier in dwelling technogenic motives are easily read.

In architecture new principles of town-planning were generated: a social orientation of dwelling, its functional conformity to the most necessary requirements of inhabitants. We will note introduction in housing construction of new designs and materials: a metal skeleton, monolithic concrete, modular concrete designs. Simple and accurate forms, windows from a floor to a ceiling, metal and concrete - houses similar to the ships, floating in the future, and was inside created an interior of new time.

Hi-tech esthetics - absolutely special, it runs counter to traditional representations about high art. On the one hand, it is the design created by means of brutal materials, such, as ferro-concrete or massive metal designs. With another is a style absolutely graceful, constructed on a combination of the chrome plated surfaces, steel cables, structurally expressive technical elements, certainly, glasses, glossy plastic and etc. the Beauty of hi-tech consists that any bolt or an arm having at first sight only especially practical sense, appears, can leave sensation of doubtless esthetic pleasure. With architecture it is clearer: Here the author achieves visual perfection thanks to the new first class materials, for example any dust-pusher to glass or the chrome plated steel column, the cables suspended to far carry support which necessarily adjust consciousness on extremely expensive and solid construction. In an interior it is necessary to create with the obligatory amendment on Wednesday. Despite presence of designs, characteristic for industrial design which frequently at all don't bear functional loading, and act as simply expressive element, the main thing - as much as possible to use space which is (alas limited and (hurrah!) It is intended for life. Therefore classical hi-teck interior design is first of all a hymn to a material and the rational arrangement of a premise embodied with its help. Almost as in a spaceship cabin where there is nothing superfluous and unjustified from the practical point of view where each detail is necessary also all as much as possible conveniently for using.

Conditions hi-tech are always a harmonious combination of space and light, the form of subjects and their color score, ideal (!) proportions and best of the world of high technologies. In practical sense in a today's inhabited interior this style doesn't have strict preferences. Unlike unequivocal interdictions for decorative excesses in a kind, let us assume, art parquets, wall-paper in a floret, stucco moldings, borders, vegetative patterns and etc. Any other ways of furnish - please: an open bricklaying or a paint which gives a smooth brilliant surface; plaster and tension ceilings; liquid and volume wall-paper; a ceramic tile and the natural stone, the laminated tree and linoleum, and also all other synthetic materials. In a word, that it is possible to meet in a modern interior. The rest - that is atmosphere, as usual, is created by details.

Several years ago word combinations and «an interior in style hi-tech» couldn't be presented "country house" ranking. The open engineering communications, defiantly sticking out pipes, metal bolts and arms - all it somehow not especially matched concept of traditional Russian manor. Today - another matter. And at all because hi-tech "was cultivated", has lost revolutionism and "has brushed the hair". More likely, the concept of the private house which has ceased to be only a summer residence for seasonal residing has extended. The object of country real estate has fairly found the status of the basic place for life, on the hardware absolutely not conceding to city apartment, and by possibilities of design and it is ready its surpassing. And if to accept hi-tech as philosophy comprehensible to why not to find for it a place there where the everyday life proceeds?
As one of fertile themes in hi-tech esthetics fixtures act. After all light is important not only in itself, but also is simply irreplaceable as a way to underline advantage of the invoice of this or that material. And furthermore material with a brilliant reflecting surface. Therefore, except the general illumination, in hi-tech find application numerous wall and floor, built in furniture and dot, rail and other fixtures, and also light sources on arms, cables and every possible other designs. Forms - are simple. In a basis - ergonomics and functionality. Plafonds more often metal or glass, sustained in stylistics of hi-tech, which not accept polychromes.

Generally style hi-tech in inhabited interiors in the pure state meets seldom enough, is much more often it is used in combinations with other styles, beginning from "etniki" and finishing neoclassic. Creation of such interior becomes even necessity if the family lives in apartment from the several persons, especially different generations. At each of them the tastes, and everyone should have the corner in which he would feel itself(himself) as much as possible cozy in apartment. But such apartment risks to turn to a heap of subjects not combined among themselves and interior details. To find the decision and organically to combine wishes of all members of a family - a direct problem of the designer. By the way, it is enough similar successful examples in works of modern set dressers.

Elements of engineering equipment become bright details in such interior by all means: hard-wear and rivets, bolts and arms, every possible joints and constructive knots, pipes, armature and another delicacy. Subjects of the technical equipment, for example the farms, open skeletons, containers are extremely actual also. Furniture in a hi-tech interior - a minimum, it is convenient and practical. Furniture proportions should be thought carefully over, designs lungs, forms accurate and geometrical. As materials the leather substitute, the plastic, the polished metal is used. The accessories, generally, should be silvery and shining. If very much it would be desirable to place a traditional coffee table it at least should be on castors, in the manner of medical in an interior. Certainly, all techniques - built in, tables and regiments - glass, and chairs - it is obligatory with metal legs and backs. Doors and partitions - mainly from unbreakable glass, matte or transparent. If doors-compartments - that, naturally, in an aluminum frame. That is a material celebration - modern, stylish, hi-tech. Instead of curtains will be ideally suited for a jalousie. Mirrors - without frames and decors, and on a wall instead of picturesque cloths - by all means drawing, and is better a black-and-white photo. Ware - chrome plated shining, simple and laconic forms, expressive on design. Hi-tech is so sensitive to any presence of alien object that in conditions any insignificant detail most, apparently, can cause a discord. One of the main complexities of the style which is not suffering negligence in which all should be uncompromising and ideal also consists in it.

Style hi-tech as last from the issued styles of the XX-th century, symbolizes the present, extravagance, the convenience, even some impudence. As appears from the name, hi-tech is a reflection of a century of "high technologies», the most advanced techniques, strong building and finishing materials here is used. Here, as well as in minimalism, there is nothing superfluous, all is subordinated only to one rule: to make everything that to you it was comfortable and cozy. If you are a person vigorous, living in rhythms of the postindustrial epoch, directed in the future you will accept it modern and fashionable style.