In the world there is no accurate division on black and white, on good and harm, on the East and the West... These are all we have invented. But last year's relations of extreme measures become more and more tolerant. We are afraid to take out categorical judgments. We combine jeans and tuxedos in the clothes. We can have a bite hamburgers and order for a supper of an oyster. We don't hesitate to love not only near, but also. We were tired of religious and national wars. We at last have learned to perceive the world how the Lord - a uniform cradle of love and good learned.

New view

Therefore we also aren't surprised to that the most sensitive have reacted to our new attitude the first and susceptible of us - artists, architects, sculptors, musicians and designers, having offered the vision of the new world - style a fusion.

This style has rushed into a new millennium, is promptly to sweep away on the way ascetic minimalism, rational constructivism and even a postmodernism applying for romanticism. Having mixed pure styles and directions as if paints on a palette of the painter, the fusion have surprisingly quickly got accustomed and it became popular. He offers everything, without denying anything. It finds harmony there where earlier it seemed inconceivable. Today we invite you in surprising travel on style a fusion, acquaintance with which, we are assured; it will appear for you both pleasant and useful.

To the person who has chosen a fusion, it is not necessary to think of cleanliness of style. Today you are free not to adhere to any canons and dogmas. Style of modern life of your interior - a fusion (mixture of all with all), has arisen as result of crossing of different cultures, traditions, times and even technologies. Critics say that the background of occurrence of this style, most likely, originates in the nineties the last century when in tired of avant-guard and constant interior taboos Europe have rushed streams of exotic things from the East, Africa and Latin America. In fashionable houses of Italy, France and Germany near to glass-metal little tables and regiments there were magnificent carpets from skins of "leopards" and "zebras". Small cubic leather sofas have replaced the big and fluffy magnificent American sofas, and snow-white walls of a postmodernism illuminated with bright solar paints. The owners of country houses inspired with the first good luck and private residences began to operate more safely. And here design bureaus already accredited by them start to pack actively in one interior heavy classical furniture and hi-tek curtains from an organza. The upholstered furniture is put forward from corners and takes the central place in a room, thus expensive exclusive collections easy get on with the most mass models. Near to masterpieces of painting or a sculpture on walls there are lovely family photos and the souvenirs brought from travel. The fusion doesn't sweep aside former traditions, and coexists with them as though in the parallel worlds, creating own rules. This direction, as a matter of fact, opposes itself to minimalism - and approaches us to difficult and expressional "maximalism". In fashion unchained hooligan glamour» - the style developing to the logician of a collage and borrowing any elements.

Today it is possible and it is necessary to mix classical and modern furniture, things old and new, expensive and not so and to add objects resolutely to what not approaching, but favorite.

Glance in it

The problem of creation of any interior for the designer consists not only in showing the and master's excellent taste, but, first of all, in creating in the house such atmosphere in which to its inhabitants it will be as much as possible comfortable and cozy. Any other styles, except a fusion, demand game by certain rules and often "impose" to owners of apartments any conventions and stereotypes near to which to exist not always conveniently. So, say, in a minimalist interior of kitchen it is necessary to be reconciled with absence of favorite porcelain services peizanskoy subjects, and in a drawing room issued in Baroque style, it is difficult to find a place to modern home theater. For a fusion, stylishness not end in itself, and only a way of expression your own "I". If things are pleasant to you, if you consider their necessary and important for life the skilled designer should find such ways of their combination in one interior that your house has caused in you exclusively positive emotions and looked fashionable and beautiful. A similar interior - subject present decorative arts in which any genre, except the boring is comprehensible. In it accurate horizontals and verticals aren't provided, as rigid definiteness is alien to it also, and communications between subjects are formed not on functional, and at emotional level. The luxury with a simplicity and Bohemianism shade - such combination of concepts earlier perceived as absurdity, - in interior to a fashion becomes a trend. The space stylistics assume difficult color scale, set of decorative details, an abundance of fabrics and a variety of a decor, experiments with invoices, production illumination and carefully "organized" disorder. Your interior shouldn't make at all impression thought over to trifles: charm of maximal style as individuality of the person, it is weaved from mutually exclusive things.

The similar interior approaches, certainly, not for everything but that it to create, it is not necessary to be the great showman and the clown in the spirit of El Salvador the Distance or Nikasa Safronov. Deprived of standards and stereotypes, dizzy, magnificent and simultaneously the bohemian interior can and should become result of your personal creativity. Style-hooligan will scare irresolute people stiff: whether it is not too bright and bright? It will seem to prudish rationalists too emotional, persuasive and exciting.« Conservatives »will consider its strange and even frivolous. This direction interior fashion is calculated on the people-leaders unchained, not afraid changes not suffering restrictions and possessing a large supply of internal freedom. Only the person, internally free from "materialism", won't be afraid for self-expression to underline redundancy and excessiveness. Being guided only by the tastes, giving due to own predilections, understanding the small or big weaknesses, it follows the main rule of modern life: gray everyday life is obliged to turn to a bright, remembered holiday, a carnival, show - for which worthy scenery are necessary.

Let's start to mix

It is necessary to begin with understanding of the basic thought of the future interior. Understanding of its tonality and its mood. And three whales on whom the fusion - color is based, the invoice, materials will be the first step of such understanding. Neutral or pastel shades for this style are unusual. Henceforth in your interior will prevail sated and even causing tone, nevertheless, perfectly in harmony among them? It can be combinations of turquoise, crimson, gold and green colors. It can be warmer scale red, orange in a combination to an ink-blue shade. Interesting compositions from a violet-lilac paint and polar black and white are admissible. However it is very important not to make the wrong choice parities, not to go too far, differently instead of a refined palette you risk to receive a banal set of "shouting" paints. We very much hope that your designer will be not simply talented executor of your will, but also the adherent, and won't admit occurrence instead of original a fusion of frank bad taste.

After you are defined with the basic color scale, you need to solve, how you will submit so courageous color show. There is one radical way widely known to theatrical set dressers - dot illumination. That is, instead of on full power to highlight many horn chandeliers polychromatic magnificence, you need to think over the illumination organization so that each element included in system created the minis how - intimate and pathos simultaneously. Fixtures can be located along the bottom eaves of a wall, practically at a floor. They can work as dot ceiling or wall's spotlights, highlighting each time various elements of an interior.

You can actively involve floor lamps, a sconce, desk lamps, furniture illumination (and top, on tops, and built in cases). The fusion even supposes that any your fixture won't be similar to another, but each time, including it, or combining various variants of illuminations, you will create new scenery, original and unique. It is possible to "play" on contrast of non-standard materials of lighting devices, contrast colors or to create a composition from lamp shades of the different form. Candles not so much (and in an ideal - a fireplace) shine, how many create intriguing, mysterious twilight, modeling additional nuances of mood. And this mood always will be major and romantic.

As to the invoice of finishing materials idea the fusion assumes that your interior will be perceived in harmony of visual and tactile sensations. Therefore to touch upholstery of upholstered furniture, a fabric of portieres, and it is simple to walls of your house, to go on its floors, carpets, should be as pleasantly, as well as to look at them. Thereupon it is better to refuse cold and slippery glossy surfaces, having preferred those invoices, which most typical for wildlife: to silky structures of small sea sand, a roughness of a natural stone, a rough interlacing of a linen yarn, homespun holstiny, elasticity of a genuine leather. The animalistic tendency is very actual. Skins from skin of animals (or their imitations) are so organically entered in a fusion that are, almost axiomatic subjects of study of this style in an interior.

Speaking about skins of animals, we smoothly pass to materials to which the fusion gravitates. We hope, you have already guessed that in a choice of these materials you practically aren't limited. A special glamour, certainly, the most natural and natural materials will give. So, in particular, it will be interesting enough to look classical expensive furniture in a frame of rough, country timbered walls. Gold and silver against fur-tree baluster won't seem alien elements and only cheerful and stylish improvisation on a theme of the American classical literature (remember «the Prince and the beggar»?).

And though it is the most extreme variant a fusion, it seems to us that you have caught the basic thought. The Venetian plaster will underline avant-gardism of modern collections of upholstered furniture (we will tell, in stylistics Rolf Benz). And presence of a fireplace with a pise-walled flue will be very pertinent in a drawing room where walls are draped by the silks which have been picked up in tone to the same clay. By the way, a drapery - one of the main tools a fusion. Perhaps, there is no other style which would suppose such abundance of a fabric in an interior. It is quite explainable. Numerous curtains, muslin curtains, heavy portieres, curtains of alcoves, pillows, and carpets are all those elements to which on a sort is written to lead an interior to the general harmonious denominator. At limited enough budget the fabric can become that lifesaver which will instantly change your house. As the textiles can transform any accurate and prudish interior in enough "hooliganism" and courageous apartments.
In summary, we would like to calm those who already has had time to be frightened a fusion. You have nothing to be afraid. Know, it as in painting business, it is possible to add equal quantity of a painting pigment in whitewash and you receive bright and active color. And it is possible to dissolve a quarter of a teaspoon of the basic dye in liter of paint and all the same to achieve the necessary color. Between evening twilight and at ink night only two hours of a difference. But after all it is absolutely unlike pictures though we and name their "night-time". The fusion is obliging, pliable, and comfortable. And here how much - to solve to you!