Priest Art "Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol)"

Pop art - a direction in art of the last century, and its basic difference from earlier existing currents - the reference to an esthetics of the consumer goods. In this sense pop art - spiritless style, not without reason its axiomatic samples - Andy Warhol's works - prepared with the help print run technicians. And Warhol's one more reference reception - infinite repetition of the same image, be it even scenes of accidents, - forces audience to concern the image it is indifferent, without testing emotions. Therefore, running forward, we will tell: as well as hi-tech, pop art - design of interiors «on the fan» and if you intend to sustain this style, think some times. Because if will be mistaken, you or should endure off-schedule capital repairs, or this direction of design of interiors you simply will break.

A little hooligan name of a direction has two basic treatments: reduction from popular art (English popular art) or sound imitation (pop - a clap, blow; in such value the word was used in the comics which value in a pop art esthetics, we think, it is clear). Pop art blossoming as directions in art has had for 60th years, besides that «time frameworks» its visual images (the Hollywood stars, images of gangster cinema, cult persons of a platform, a policy, and also inanimate already without any doubts subjects, such as axiomatic bank of soup Campbell, Coca-Cola and, certainly, banknotes) are much wider: these are 30-70th years of 20 centuries.

The Pop art is invariably perceived as American «in the higher expression» style - in effect so it and is. However not the superfluous would be to remember that its founding father - Andy Warhol - to a certain extent our "slav brother": its real name - Andrey Vargola, an ethnic accessory - rusin (they are the Zakarpatye Slavs, near "relatives" cousin to us of Ukrainians). To be proud of such relationship or not, of course, a private affair of everyone. By the way, concerning pop art interiors: it is better to foreknow that Warhol has issued the dwelling at all in that style with which his name is connected now indissolubly. It is known that Warhol lived in lofte, which is in a huge premise with the factory past, huge windows, raw walls and without a hint on shouting brightness of comics. And a color dominant of dwelling of the guru of pop art and at all was silver-gray. All of you yet haven't changed the mind? Then two variants of an interior in the spirit of pop art: they «about same», but different ways. So ...

Variant the first: pop art in the absolute
It is that slightly a madhouse which intuitively occurs at a word "pop art": acid colors, a plastic abundance, neon illumination and luster, luster, luster everywhere. Walls necessarily should be bright, and in an ideal - different colors and even the invoice. In classical understanding it is better to forget about harmony at once (however if the person meaningly makes out so the house, a reminder obviously excessive). The variant when one of walls (following an elementary instinct of self-preservation) all the same remains light can be the good decision, two more - contrast bright (only not natural) colors, and the fourth - is executed in firm uorholovskoj to the technician of repeatedly repeating small pattern. And all four without regrets are decorated - depending on your imagination and adherence to this or that pop art figure - images Merilin of Monroe, Elvis, Mao Tszeduna (Warhol), scenes from comics (one more guru of pop art the Plenty Liechtenstein) and etc.

Fans of citations can simply hang up on a wall of a roll of money (as the compromise - false): «I like money for walls, - Warhol spoke. - for example, you are going to buy a picture for 200 000 dollars. I think, you should take this money, to tie up them in packs and to hang up on a wall». However, we will add from themselves, it all the same will manage to you more cheaply, than Andy's works: so, one of its works (tainted the enlarged print of a newspaper photo it if to be fair) has been sold already in our century more than for $15 million However, for 5-10 thousand euro if will carry, still it is possible to buy made Warhol Polaroid a picture ...

But we will continue. To what you still should reconcile - so it is deficiency of furniture. That is, of course, typical for 60 sofas and armchairs of roundish forms (and bright colors), padded stools and small little tables are admissible and even are welcomed. But here cases, generally speaking, shouldn't be - reconcile to thought what to store things it is necessary in niches, on podiums or in the built in cases. Yes, frankly speaking, superfluous things in your house also won't get accustomed now, and for clothes is better to allocate the separate wardrobe.
Variant of the second: with a spark

If to style you to yourselves can't allow such fidelity because of restrictions on metric area, the finance or on a state of health, it is possible to make a compromise. Certainly, it will be already a little not that ... But all the same pop art. For example, to make it possible.

It is possible to remember Mika Jagger's well-known citation: «If you want to know that was the most popular during this or that period, look that Warhol» at this time drew. And to finish thinking about it further: what would draw Andy today? Include the TV, look at advertizing ... Yes simply look back around: everything that is necessary for you for the modernized pop art in an interior, for certain already there are at you houses. Certainly, even independent (and furthermore to order) manufacturing of prints a-la Warhol, for example, with images of participants of "Factory" and "Doma-2"; packs of the Ukrainian grivnas; a washing-up liquid for those who loves the family or, at last, kvass with truly Russian name too costs money. But where smaller, than at a variant? 1. And how to paint walls, we have already explained. If the budget absolutely modest, furniture is bought in "IKEA" and processed independently. The demanded color scale is already clear, and if you still buy the red TV and a green stereo system ...