Style of an interior of rococo is a magnificent end of Baroque style. Rococo was adopted at baroque by a special estheticism in which the excellent and unsurpassed taste which has become more important many other human qualities is expressed. It is necessary to notice that taste is not only ability to see fine and to recreate it in the interior, but also ability to enjoy surrounding beauty. In a word, style of rococo is a grace and smoothness of lines. In general, grace is a symbol of style of rococo.

To style of rococo creation of the illusory world filled with atmosphere of heat, a coziness, comfort and grace is characteristic. Besides, during a rococo epoch the dramatized games, mythical and pastoral plots which have been necessarily allocated by easy touch erotic's have been extended. Into this epoch in soda enter shinuazri. In furniture of interiors there are new elements, namely: mobile screens, gobelins, the Chinese porcelain, flowers (basically orchids), thin trees, aquariums, graceful Chinese furniture. Having the varnished surface. Style of rococo (from fr. Rocaille - a decorative bowl, a cockleshell) has arisen in the beginning - the middle of 18 centuries in the environment of the French aristocracy. This style bears in itself atmosphere of a magnificent holiday and rough pleasure, therefore for it refinement, the big decorative congestion, and even certain teatralizovannost are peculiar. Certainly, it has concerned such important detail of an interior, as curtains. Curtains of style of rococo is a silk and the easy gobelin of light pastel tones decorated with various embroideries and decorative elements, a considerable quantity of the draperies creating sensation of ease and grace, a tape, ruches, every possible folds. The integral element at window registration in style of rococo, a lambrequin trimmed with a gold fringe and embroidered with roses. On the bottom edge of a lambrequin passes an easy unostentatious pattern. Very often eaves of a lambrequin are decorated by the same pattern. In a drapery of style of rococo, besides embroidery, the applications representing artificial grottoes, bowls, bows, and other decorative motives prevail. An ornament of a window two, and even three layers of curtains - the phenomenon quite inherent in style of rococo. It is necessary to notice also that life in style of rococo was inhaled by Italian Z.O.Mesone. In products of Mesone for the first time there are dissymmetric forms, and also the bowl becomes the basic motive. It is necessary to notice that the word rococo in translation from French is meant by a bowl. Besides, during a rococo epoch there is a concept about an interior, as about complete style ensemble. A characteristic element of an ornament was arabesques and various curls. They were present and on upholstering fabrics, and on wall-paper. In such interior the especial attention was given to colors. Orchids, hyacinths, lilies - an interior integral part in style of rococo. With rococo blossoming there is European porcelain. It becomes one of the main elements of a decor in style of rococo.

Unlike the predecessor, rococo became smoother and graceful. Especially it was reflected in furniture. It becomes easier, there are bends and gilding. Legs at chairs now thin and curved. Now they quite often gild. In an interior executed in style of rococo, the rounded off corners of the rooms, the over gilded mirrors prevail. Walls are decorated by carved panels. At color of this style there are gentle colors: pink, light blue, pistachio and combinations white with the gold. The epoch of blossoming of style of rococo became time of satisfaction of female whims. Therefore in furniture a bit thoughtless subjects take place. To that became appeared at this time a secretary on high legs with a folding board for the letter, a dressing table with a mirror, kartonerka (a locker for papers) and various bedside tables. Secretaries and dressers became a principal view of case furniture at that time. In an interior there are new pieces of furniture: Canapé (a sofa in the form of the several connected armchairs), berter (a deep armchair) and a chaise lounge. Forms of sofas have been created taking into account feature of magnificent lady's wear. Furniture now more comfortable in using.

Rooms become less and more low. Therefore the wide circulation is got by mirrors which as if expand space. All it created atmosphere of intimacy, characteristic for boudoirs.

The fireplace becomes the main motive of the room executed in style of rococo. The fireplace became the low. It covered with a marble slab, forced candelabrums, hours, porcelain and other ornaments. More often over a fireplace hung up a mirror in a magnificent frame. Now important in furniture manufacturing there is an aspiration to dissolve a detail in total amount of subjects. The rococo furniture seems cast of one plastic weight. All furniture of a room becomes easier and gentler.

In a decor of furniture of this style woodcarving leaves on the second plan. To it on change a bronze overlay comes. Advantage of such overlays that them it is convenient to process already ready, ground surfaces of subjects. And sometimes the surface of subjects was processed by color varnishes and has been decorated by overlays or a gilded carving.

Windows of rooms of style of rococo is better to decorate the curtains to which basic materials silk is. For drawing on a fabric freakish garlands from small roses on a pastel background approach.

Style of rococo will give to your house not only atmosphere of heat, a coziness and a certain intimacy, but also will give grace and luxury to your interior.