Charming and unartful style of the country possesses enduring appeal and is able to adapt practically to any house.

Easy pleasant disorder and furniture from a natural tree - here main principle, as from the point of view of modern, fresh interpretation of the country, and - the classical approach rich with traditions.
For an interior in style of the country it is not so obligatory to you to live in a country house. It is soft, "unsystematic" style it is perfect for creation in any house pacifying, but also simultaneously comfortable, hospitable atmosphere. It is achievable and by purely classical country, and modern refraction of style: all depends on your color score and, how you approach to a theme to satisfy your personal taste. And, if you really prefer to a rustic, don't hesitate neither the sated paints, nor bright stuffed fabrics, like a chintz, neither especially light, nor a dark tree. If you want to reach fresher, more modern sensation, you will be helped more by subtle shades of paints together with more reserved drawings and invoices; they will transfer essence of the country-style, however not begin to "shout" about it. Comfort - a golden rule just for decoration. Refuse heavy curtains; much "stylish" simple curtains from a clap which steal up horizontal folds on an easy skeleton like the Roman curtains look. The cozy disorder brings essentially important finishing note, and photos and prints - the bare way to "print" your character on your house.
The country-style can be surprisingly modern, if you refuse from superfluous heap ups. Charming simplicity of this drawing room is given by a combination of dark blue shades of textiles which, strictly speaking, least correspond to style of the country. However, base composed style nevertheless is obvious: the Roman curtain with large colors and a timber floor, a thickset pine little table and regiments with master's good.
Key features
• More likely old furniture of "clumsy" design, rather than the graceful and polished antiques or samples of a concrete epoch.
• It is not necessary to worry, if the kind of wooden furniture isn't ideal; on the contrary, some threadbare and attrition - that is necessary for the original country-spirit.

Also heavy kitchen cases and enormous displayed tables on figured trip ups are inappropriate.
Are essentially important multi-colored fabrics, but their flower motives should «play to one group» with eclecticism of coloring of upholstered furniture and curtains not to look too accurate and new.
Simple curtains without grandiose folds and draperies.
The natural invoice - from a wooden covering of walls to knitted manually coverlets and pillows - for atmosphere «kind, old, native» houses.
Exposed by sight in each room ware, personal things and photos - on walls, regiments, bookcases or dressing tables.

Whether on me this style?
The country-style is ideal for you if:
• Love ingenuous, "unsystematic" interiors
• Prefer houses with character and history
• Adore to unite old and new to own taste
• Intend to create own, instead of fashionable style
• Don't worry, if visitors, and in the house far not an ideal order have appeared suddenly
• Live the big family and-or hold many animals
In no event, if though one statement is true:
• I hate chaos and knickknacks
• Only in a minimalist interior the order is possible
• Me enrages, when in a room different furniture and all the rest
• I prefer, that an upholstery of furniture, curtains, pillows and lamp shades corresponded each other
• I adore, when all new, fresh and modern


There are two basic variants of the palette inherent in the country-style and all depends on, whether want to create an interior of new, modern shape or prefer more rustikalnyj design. It will be necessary to choose one palette and not to arrange at all some vinaigrette from both at once; don't worries, each of them will give you enough freedom for the whole house. So, a light oak or "faded" by means of a limy paint - with a palette "new", and a pine or a thin oak - with a palette "archaic".

The modern country

It is based on easier, fresher paints and approaches for less "encumbered" interiors of rooms. These are nice shades of a pastel, as on a garden bed before the house: a yellow primrose, a dark blue cornflower, a gentle green apple and a pink rose. Is better these colors look in rooms with "the easy" simply plastered walls; they are good for naive fabrics - a cage or a strip in two tones, - and colored a tree. And in the same way perfectly work in rooms where it is small a place and daylight.
About color
Unique color which should be avoided in any country-variant, is snow-white, it looks too unshakable and cold. More preferably «not absolutely white» - a chalk, suchenaja a thread, an ivory and cream - for softness which is necessary to you.
The country-style demands "stratification" of a considerable quantity of colors - from walls to carpets, curtains and an upholstery, but nevertheless be circumspect and don't overload each room. Only harmony will allow creating ingenuous, easy atmosphere, instead of confused diversity which hurts the eyes. Be limited to three - four colors on a room and use them in a different saturation, or choose only two colors plus white - for is more splendiferous stylish simplicity. And it is necessary to you to pick up for the taste curtains or upholstery for a sofa, and here it - that "oven" from which it is easy to dance. A rag always carry with itself as a sample for your paint, wall-paper and carpets, and select all as far as possible close to one of primary colors of drawing - so you will achieve an optimum coloristic combination of walls, furniture and floors. Walls look is better, if all four are painted by one paint or pasted over by identical wall-paper. Ceilings make "softly" - white color.
The traditional country

The palette of the classical country with shades more sated and deep - a dark blue hand bell, the green sage, rich brownish shades red - has more archaic character and makes more "rural" sensation. The soft tonality necessary to you turns out because one color doesn't dominate. Colored brick walls and floors tile silt look remarkably near to plentifully multi colored-vegetative pattern of textiles. Such colors are good for cozy drawing rooms and dining rooms, especially; in the company with is large-dimensional dark wooden furniture.


Any wall in the real rural house never happens ideally smooth or absolutely vertical so to simulate the invoice on your walls - the easiest way to create sensation such a little crude incompleteness. And at all it is not required, that so remains forever. The word of honor if your walls are far from perfect, it even is better! Though ways to add to walls factures - the sea: from dense texture paints (for example, modern, more easy-to-use versions Artex) to a wooden covering and exaggerated vinyl wall-paper. The main thing - to pick up such materials which then when the interior will become boring to you, it is possible to liquidate without hindrances. To begin with count on monophonic colored walls; it is a background which will take up "drawing" - curtains, upholstered furniture and the rest. But figured wall-paper, say, with blossoming roses, - also an excellent variant of a theme, and they not begin to suppress, if you paste over with rose trees only one central wall. The sensation of a homespun matter will be created printed by the platen or on a cliché by motives, and there is no necessity ideally symmetrically to have drawing on a wall. Vagonka and wooden wall's panels with the strongly pronounced invoice - fine messengers of the "live" world, also are much easier mounted, than you could imagine to yourselves. Any person with elementary building skills for a day will manage to issue the whole wall.
Wall-paper with vegetative motives, especially in pastel tones, creates charming womanly atmosphere and remarkably look in bedrooms. The greatest prints, type of branches-bouquets, are good for any wall, and larger "motives", say, blossoming roses, look in «small doses» - for example, over a bed headboard on the central wall more advantageously.
Walls with stencil or stamped drawings make impression of wall-paper, but, using paint and motives at your choice, you joking will achieve effect of a manual list.
The effect of rough plaster is easily reached thanks to special paints. It is expedient to paste over at first walls with a paper which not only levels them, but also in a consequence will allow removing plaster easily.


Choosing floors in the spirit of the country think not of beauty, and about a practicality, and you won't leave far from true. After all those who really live in the rural house, perfectly know that shaggy carpets are absolutely helpless against street dirt.

Firm covering - the most suitable a choice of floors in the country - style and to choose to you it is necessary from a huge variety of materials. The rough natural invoice of tiled coverings - from ceramics (terracotta), from slate or sandstone - creates sensation first given and affinity to the nature. The natural tile is improbably durable, for premises which directly incorporate to street - your hall, the kitchen or a pantry, for example therefore is simply ideal. Only keep in mind that the natural tile will be inevitably cold in relation to your feet and on kitchen won't show the slightest pity - the ware will break is guaranteed. Certainly, you can lay vinyl imitation if want warmer and soft floor. Wooden coverings - the basic sexual board or an oak file, and even a laminate simulating a natural tree, - examples of the same basic for style, affinity to the nature, as well as carpets - of a mat from natural fibers - sizalja and coconut flakes - rough and vigorous. But anybody isn't going to discuss at all, whether to carpet to you bedrooms and living rooms where softness and a cosines is simply obligatory and necessary for your feet.
The ceramic tile fills with the sated color of a premise and in due course beautifully "grows old". However on a floor it will be inevitable to get water and any other liquids, therefore for a ceramic tile special hermetic necessarily is more necessary.
The laminate with effect of wood fibers will give to your floor a kind of the present, "wooden" country; it also costs not much, and there is enough hard-wearing, but when in due course there will be scratches, you can't ottsiklevat a laminate anew to varnish. Also the laminate isn't necessary for those premises where it is always damp, for example, for a family bathroom because from water quickly inflates and is deformed.
Ideal timber floor - road to all senses a style element and you simply lucky beggar if it at you already is. Hire tsiklevalnuju the car (it is similar to the vacuum cleaner with sandpaper instead of brushes) and the small manual unit for able-bodied sites - for example, near a plinth. In regular intervals ottsikljujte boards and for bigger their minimum two layers of a satiny sexual varnish.
Natural sexual coverings, like this ridge mat from a coconut fiber, are especially practical and durable; though doesn't suit at all damp premises, for example, a bathroom.
Riches of shades of slate and other tile from natural materials - from asphalt to copper tones with beautiful touch of a patina - and a little rough invoice give to a floor very pleasant kind. With the years the tile becomes even more beautiful, and she isn't afraid of any dirt, but here to your feet can seem too cold and rigid.


«Mixture and harmony» - here a secret which will help you to pick up correct country - a curtain and an upholstery. It means association of fabrics with the different invoice and drawings of the different sizes.

Forget about a border identical on curtains and bed-clothes, and take pleasure in process of search of a combination of fabrics. A strip, a cage and vegetative motives - basic elements of style. The guarantee of their happy coexistence without "dictatorship" in an interior consists in limiting itself to a color palette of three or four shades for only. The small section and tiny florets are ideal for more womanly decor, and large squares or impressive vegetative motives are good, if you prefer more vigorous, more modern spirit. However with large stuffing you should manage carefully not to overload an interior. But be not afraid to add some striped bagatelles or a kind portion of additional shades. The rigid clap and "negligent" flax will more be coordinated with the country, than sinel and damast. Also don't forget that the durability and firmness of any fabric mean for a hard-working rural family so upholstery and curtains buy only such which can be erased to the car, instead of that will demand «superfluous expenses» on a dry-cleaner much.
Charming flower stuffing of these curtains in a fold ideally corresponds to the country. From a wrong side it is possible to put on a lining from a contrast matter - smooth or in a small section of a bluish shade which will create interesting effect before drawn a window. By the way, such "double" curtains can be hung up this or that party depending on mood.
Having united, lines and peas will amicably present country atmosphere to all who prefers to do without florets - petals. But, if you love them, safely throw on bed pair multi- colored pillows, after all a variety of drawing - the integral line of the country - style.


To create kitchen in style of the country - means, to pick up, hang out and place all so that as a result there was a full sensation: yes, time here has worked. Mixture old and new is a character and smack of history of the house. And still here it is not necessary for you aspire to perfection and grace.

Your choice of conditions completely depends on, whether the traditional spirit of the country or - more modern trends is closer to you. Ancient pine furniture and from not so dark oak - that is necessary for the classical country, and simple doors, we will tell shekerovskogo type - the artless panel with wooden handles - bring sensation of freshness. And such doors happen from a maple, a beech and even already colored. Subjects on a kind - «in open access» - are rather basic for slightly unsystematic, casual, "time" character of the country. In baskets from rotang it will be cozy to vegetables and linen; on open regiments modular families of faience and porcelain, and a frame under a ceiling with the hanged out pans - one more lovely accent of "inconsiderate" style will arrange show. Also carefully think over your future household appliances. Find fault - tekovsky the stainless steel kind can ruin a theme. Enameled Aga and faience batlerovskaja a bowl, basically, are ideal, but if your budget and, say, a practicality don't allow, then to be closer to style, get a plate of color of cream and sink Coriana.

Composed kitchens
• Independent «the block of the butcher»
• Open buffet with ware
• The wattle or metal whatnot for vegetables
• Frame for utensils not to a wall or under a ceiling
• Modular ware «in open access», buffet pediments - simple panels, colored or a light tree

Choose kitchen furniture with the most simple doors. A desktop - island add batlerovskoj with a bowl and "the ancient" crane - a swan which will set the fashion to all interior.


Forget about the TV in the center - in the country-drawing room the main place occupies a fireplace; more close to a spark all family and kind friends takes seats. Instead of a coffee table - soft banquette, which as though invites visitors more conveniently to arrange on it feet and to relax.

The present burning fireplace or the furnace with fire wood - the decision ideal, however, will easily create similar effect to you and high-quality gas or electric pig-iron ovens. The artificial fireplace with facing from a pine and artificial "flame" - took a thing good and quite corresponds to country atmosphere - style. Instead of excessively "symmetric" traditional set of upholstered furniture from three subjects it is essentially important to pick up the easy company from isolated "seats". Try to unite a checkered armchair with a smooth sofa and checked - striped pillows with curtains in a floret - and you instantly will feel delight. The secret is simple: don't change to a color palette from three - four shades and from beginning to end use that favorite sample of a fabric, and it will help you to combine "diverse" things successfully.

Composed by a drawing room
• Fireplace or the wood furnace
• Low, soft sofa with carelessly thrown coverlet and chairs with other upholstery
• Added little tables and lamps on each side a sofa
• Set of subjects on a review: family photos, prints with plants or animals, an old watch plus - near at hand magazines and books
• The soft padded stool, is better on the bent legs, or a wattle trunk


Breakfast in a bed among chubby pillows, - here for what it is necessary the country-bedroom. Pacifying, serene, "lazy" conditions are ideal for a sweet morning dream, or, - that children have entered, have bitten your sandwiches and have started game on a bed while you try to study the fresh newspaper.

Too strong disorder - at all a problem in the country - a bedroom because only worthy occasion to excitements are crumbs in bathing bed. A stocky bed from a pine - the loyal friend of the country but if you like grace of iron beds - forged more and it is desirable black, well, alternative delightful. And cozy, even the shabby armchair in a corner does a bedroom by a place where it is possible to esteem easy at any time. The built in cases here essentially it is not necessary, therefore pick up "the casual" complete set of independent furniture. Begin with a stocky dresser, put on it a traditional rotating mirror - a thing worthy doubly, then add authoritative clothes, it is better with three doors at one level, for the greatest fidelity to style. And, at last, everything that you needed to add necessarily is the box pine or upholstered with a fabric - a chest for linen in feet of a bed and on a floor - a nice cotton rug.

Composed bedrooms
• Wooden or iron bed
• Independent clothes
• The union of ancient pine and colored furniture
• Carpets with the natural invoice
• Wattle or pine box for linen in bed feet
• Collapsible screen
• Woolen coverlets


The simple accessories, seen kinds (or specially made old conditions), a little rude furnish - here that gives to a country bathroom its charm. Your purpose - to create a cozy premise, ideally comfortable for adults and practical for bathing of children.
Subjects on a fashion of a certain epoch - a remarkable starting point, in particular, a retro 30 with the chrome plated amalgamators and cranes. And though you tactfully think that the bath with a round back and on legs too glamorous, actually it fine approaches for style of the country - if, of course, at you enough place. Vignola on walls and the panel round a bath correspond to the country, as well as the small tile painted manually. Then add curtains as in cafe, a shutter or a jalousie, a little to "soften" direct strict lines and window corners. Independent lockers add ease to atmosphere. The choice of wattle baskets, the pines, bleached or colored tree surfaces should correspond to a bathroom color score. Also don't forget, what exactly details give character to an interior. Laundry bags made of cloth on a door, independent, in style of queen Victoria a rack with towels, wattle purchased baskets for a stock of a toilet paper, a wall toilet bag with pockets for trifles - all together will create sensation unartful, but such remarkable house cosines.

Composed by a bathroom
• Independent lockers with wattle rotangovymi boxes or with the doors tightened by a fabric
• Wattle baskets for toilet accessories
• Various bottles with salts and shampoos on a kind
• Woven rug for baths
• The independent rack for towels is better from a pine and covered morilkoj
• Towels with manual embroidery (a vegetative ornament).