Japanese style

Japanese style

Japanese minimalism in an interior

Interest to east culture constantly grows in modern Europe. Moreover, in the West everything is now very fashionable that concerns the East. Especially inhabitants modern mega policies are involved with Japan - the original, mysterious country which centuries-old traditions adjoin to last word of progress.

Japanese style of registration of modern apartment types popularity. Its simplicity, elegance, functionality, and also unusual decisions of habitual problems are necessary much to liking. Besides, the Japanese interior protects the person from an external world hardship: you will close a door - and all troubles remain outside.

The traditional Japanese house has no walls. The landscape is natural continuation of an interior. From within the house shares not on rooms, and on «functional zones» (by means of screens, curtains, at the expense of differences of level of a floor). All it has incorporated modern Japanese style. Screens do apartment space easy and transparent; rearranging them, it is possible to update an interior though every day. The Japanese aesthetics is guided by a principle «all superfluous ugly». A basis of a Japanese interior - the emptiness underlining internal grace that little that is in the house. Therefore basic feature of Japanese style is the minimalism. In the house there should be only the most necessary pieces of furniture, a life and a decor. All things, house utensils hide in the built in cases.

The house issued under laws of a Japanese interior, testifies that its owner is wise, is not subject to vanity and chaos of an external world, is capable to see fine in ordinary and to admire it. But such style will approach far not to everyone. The person, who is not conceiving of without noise and vanity of the modern world, cannot live in the house where emptiness, air and light reign.